Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alltel Earnings Down

  1. Alltel had revenue for the quarter of $2.09 billion, compared to $1.84 billion a year before.
  2. Alltel reported a profit of $215.9 million
  3. For the fiscal year, Alltel's profit was $1.13 billion
  4. It spun-off its wireline assets to Valor to create Windstream
  5. Alltel "ended the year with only $2.7 billion in outstanding debt and $1.8 billion in outstanding net debt, maintaining one of the strongest balance sheets in our industry."
  6. "Alltel added 228,000 customers on a net basis for the quarter"; 640k net for teh year.
  7. ARPU was $55.84.
[Source: Yahoo]

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