Saturday, February 24, 2007

404 errors for marketing has an article [here] about using site error pages for marketing. A client sent me this article about how some consumers are upset with Charter cable over DNS re-directs. It really depends on how you set it up. Charter handles it incorrectly. I rep for Bare Fruit and their DNS re-directs and brands database are fully customizable. There are 2 reasons to do this: (1) so that your clients have a better surfing experience. Most people mis-type or misspell domains all the time - and end up at sites that are porn or malware or ad-based. Some people use the address bar as the search engine and end up at bad websites as well. (2) You are losing money. The sites that the surfer is re-directed to makes money -- money you could make instead. You could turn it into a charity drive and a marketing plan to your customers.

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Peter Radizeski said...

It seems that at least Microsft and Charter have implemented domain procedures to help consumers with typos. [DailyDomainer] The uproar is mainly from domain squatters who are losing money to the service provider.