Sunday, January 28, 2007

Windstream heads to IPTV

While Embarq decides to ride the FMC wave - and chase business customers, Windstream (Valor & Alltel combined) is choosing instead to chase IPTV - and thus the Resi market.

“Nobody knows whether the triple play or quadruple play is really what people want,” he said. “There is no market research that says they are dead on. So everyone is learning as they go.”. [Telephony]

Windstream is following the strategy of Verizon and at&t - triple play to the home. In fact, now that BST is the new at&t, NC will be getting at&t IPTV, according to No details on whether Windstream or the former BellSouth will be using FTTN or not though. Also, we need to watch to see if they will redline - or just roll out to affluent neighborhoods.

Most striking was the notes about local rates in NC:

Marshall's other corporate goal mirrors a strategy adopted by BellSouth, which has asked the state Utilities Commission to allow the company to set phone service prices as it pleases without hearings or oversight. The commission put the request on hold during the pending merger last year, but AT&T plans to resume the push with regulatory staff soon. Marshall said she agrees with the contention made repeatedly by BellSouth and other local phone companies: that local phone rates have been artificially underpriced under a regulatory model rendered obsolete by competition. []

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