Saturday, January 20, 2007

VOIP is less secure than WLAN

Fiercevoip is claiming: "SMBs think VoIP is less secure than wireless LANs"

If you have SMB clients and they're not talking to you about security, you might want to get a little proactive about it. A new IDC study conducted for the CTIA found that out of 350 companies with fewer than 500 employees, only about half trust VoIP security. Contrast that to 82% for legacy systems, 72% for Ethernet networks, and 60% for WLANs (which really are vulnerable).

Why the bad rap? Fear. People, the study found, are highly attuned to disruptions in voice communications, presumably because phone systems have always seemed bulletproof.

Read the whole article from VNUNet about SMB sentiment. IMHO, much of it comes from FUD in articles and discussions. Hackers and news outlets don't help. They love to scream FUD. (News outlets think their job is to scare people; I thought it was to provide a world view of happening, you know, news!) No one wanted cell phones, because call quality sucked (still does) and fear of tumors. Today, you couldn't wrestle a Blackberry from its owner's cold dead fingers. VOIP needs to stop trying to replace landline and become a better solution for communication. (HD sound may help that; ringtones too. Maybe using that VOIP phone screen for more than just caller ID. And of course security will need to get better on all networks.

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