Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TP's Excellent companies

Tom Peters, management guru and author of In Search of Excellence, has a list of about 20 companies that he thinks shows Excellence. He later picks 3 as his co-MVP companies: Commerce Bank, John Laing Homes, and Jim's Group. What makes a company "Excellent"? "summarized the traits that marked not only these three champions, but my whole group of 20 or so:

  • Focused on revenue, organic growth and "offense," not defense and cost containment.
  • People-talent obsession.
  • Provide mind-bending experiences. (Driven by design primacy.)
  • Nuts about customers.
  • Happy to use words like "Wow."
  • Pretty close to the high end of the market.
  • Ability to make silk purses filled with gold out of sows' ears.
  • Execution!

How many of those traits do you demonstrate? Wow (or Remarkable or Purple) and Execution are the 2 biggest. John Jantsch has a post about strategy before tactics that sounds like something I would write.

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