Sunday, January 28, 2007

Firing Clients

I recently had to let a client go. (I'm still waiting for a reply email). After careful review of the account, the revenue in 2 years from the client was about $400. However, this client required 400 emails, dozens of phone calls, two orders that were placed then canceled, and a couple of moves/changes.

Occasionally, you have to review your client list to see who is the most profitable - and who is the least profitable. Pareto Principle.

I am in the process of reviewing all of my clients to see where to focus the time and energy this year. [Are You?] It is amazing how many emails I have exchanged with so many that produced so few results. We only have a finite amount of time and energy each day. To maximize our revenue (and profit :) we have to decide how to effectively manage that time and energy. Too often I let the day run me. I end up working late. I get frustrated. All because I couldn't say No or stick to my schedule or chasing an RFP in the hopes. Daily lessons, I guess. Are you doing enough RGA (revenue generating activity)???

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