Thursday, December 07, 2006

One VoIP Provider Gets Vertical

If this offering actually works and can be provisioned with little headache, IPcelerate will be off and running. Hospitals, medical offices, et al have to be HIPAA compliant and have EMR running by 2009. Phone+ announces:
IPcelerate Inc. has introduced a bundled platform for health care organizations. Features include two-way nurse call integration, increased patient and caregiver security through RFID integration, liability reduction and transcription facilitation with on-demand recording, and dial-out capabilities for information dissemination to patients and insurance companies, the company said. "We created this bundled solution after working closely with health care customers and gaining an appreciation of both their everyday needs and critical business initiatives," stated Laurent Therivel, COO of IPcelerate. "We included key VoIP solutions which health professionals need in order to provide quality care for their patients, as well as ensure operational excellence within their facility.” The platform leverages the IPsession, IPstudio and IP Video Surveillance application servers and requires no custom development. Additional functions include video surveillance, emergency response communication, targeted zone paging, video blogging for communication between doctors, text messaging for remote nurses, staff management and RFID tagging of medical inventory items.

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