Monday, December 11, 2006

MDU / PCO Trend Rises

The BizJournal has another example of greenfield developments choosing an alternative carrier:

Connexion Technologies Inc., in an agreement with developers of the 600-home Kellswater Bridge, is providing phone, cable, Internet and security services. Homeowner association monthly dues will pay for the services, which will be managed by Beyond Communications, an Alabama-based phone ompany.

Kellswater Bridge homeowners won't be buying service from CT Communications Inc. or Time Warner Cable, Cabarrus County's dominant phone and cable providers. Neither is placing equipment into the subdivision.

But now new firms such as Connexion and Charlotte's BroadStar and Your Residential Technology Team are paying developers for the rights to install fiber-optic systems, while also bearing construction costs. The deals typically involve an upfront payment per lot or a share of monthly revenue.

Apartment complexes, condos, industrial parks, sub-divisions, private dorms - these are just a few of the opportunities to be the "ILEC". MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) sales make you the PCO (private cable operator).

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