Friday, December 01, 2006

FCC Chair Martin Breaks Arm Patting Self on Back

"During my tenure as Chairman, the Commission has worked hard to create a regulatory environment that promotes broadband deployment. We have removed legacy regulations, like tariffs and price controls, that discourage carriers from investing in their broadband networks, and we worked to create a regulatory level playing- field among broadband platforms. ...High- speed connections to the Internet have grown over 400% since I became Commissioner in July 2001....According to this independent study, one year after I became Chairman in 2005, broadband adoption had increased by 40% - twice the growth rate of the year before (from 60 million in March 2005 to 84 million in March 2006." Then he was whisked away to the ER to have his arm set from so much back patting.

Hey, Kevin, how about the trillion dollars in losses in the CLEC industry? How about the thousands upon thousands of job losses? How about the fact that the net gain to an NFL city consumer is less than $100 per year since you have been commissioner. You complain about cable rates going up 90%, how about the fact that your beloved RBOCs keep raising local rates. Oh, wait, you don't regulate that. (No one does). I can't believe people pay you to hear this drivel.

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