Sunday, December 03, 2006

EOY, Part II

It's the end-of-year. It's December. You have your hands full. Maybe too full. Make an appointment with yourself every day to perform one of these 16 tasks that will make 2007 a better year:
  1. Determine who your best customers are.
  2. Touch base with your best customers.
  3. Review all your systems from top to bottom.
  4. Review all your vendor contracts.
  5. Hold annual performance reviews.
  6. Engage your employees as partners.
  7. Do an early spring cleaning!
  8. Review your marketing campaign.
  9. Overhaul your website.
  10. Take a look at your business cards.
  11. Review your insurance policies.
  12. Update your minute books.
  13. Meet with your accountant.
  14. Create a marketing plan for 1Q07.
  15. Plan your goals for 2007.
  16. Review your goals and plans from 2006. How did you do?

Details on the first 13 are here. The 14th I can help you with or read here for the 7 Line Marketing Plan. The holidays are a great time to thank your employees and your customers for their support. It is an excellent time for review.

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