Friday, December 22, 2006

EarthLink launches New Orleans, Milpitas

EarthLink launches NOLA wi-fi - "on Dec. 21 launched New Orleans' municipal wireless network -- a 20-square mile Wi-Fi mesh network that covers parts of Orleans Parish." All the media are talking about it, including DSL Reports and the BizJournal:
EarthLink is supporting the city's rebuilding efforts by providing a free tier of service (up to 300Kbps) for residents and businesses throughout the coverage area. New Orleans residents will also have access to higher speeds via EarthLink Wi-Fi with down-and-upload speeds up to 1Mbps. The service costs $21.95 a month.
EarthLink also launched Milpitas muni wi-fi this week. GigaOm has a detailed post here. There is even news on Phillie Wireless.

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