Tuesday, December 19, 2006

6 Secrets Millionaires Know That You Don't

Ever wonder what it takes to build a million-dollar business?

  1. Everything Is Marketing. The success of a company is based more on the marketing of the product than on the product itself.
  2. Million-Dollar Ideas Can Come from Anyone. Ninety-five percent of CEOs never ask the $8-an-hour employees for their opinions. Yet, those employees are the ones touching the product and speaking to the customers. [That's why Tom Peters says to talk to wierdos].
  3. Networking Is Not Working. Many new entrepreneurs spend more time at networking events than on their businesses. Always strive to network above your level.
  4. Don’t Underprice Yourself.
  5. Expect Icebergs. Millionaire entrepreneurs know that no matter how successful they are, no enterprise is unsinkable. The Titanic sank its first time out, but if you’re prepared, even enormous icebergs won’t sink you.
  6. Compete Only With Yourself.

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