Monday, November 20, 2006

VoIP versus AT&T

UTex is a VoIP provider in Texas with an inter-connection agreement with AT&T (SW Bell). UTex is suing AT&T as well as the Texas PUC and 3 of its members. UTex claims that for 4 years the PUC has ignored UTex claims against AT&T. AT&T has - gasp - been a roadblack in the path of UTex's business plan. The Biz Journal explains:
By not adopting some new technologies, "[AT&T] effectively forces the entire industry to dumb down its technology," UTex's court complaint says, "then insists that new technology traffic must still pay a premium when it touches the [AT&T] network." The suit says UTex tried for four years to get the PUC to hear its complaints about AT&T, but the PUC "just never did anything on it," Tomasco says. She points out that the PUC recently began considering one aspect of the matter -- UTex's $25 million damages claim against AT&T, but that was only after UTex filed its federal suit.

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