Monday, November 13, 2006

Remote Printing

  1. Premiere Global Services' PremiereAnywhere solution lets users send e-mails, e-mail attachments and other documents to fax machines for printing. PremiereAnywhere supports more than 130 types of documents and gives you the flexibility of sending them to a fax of your choice. After a $15 activation fee, the service costs $4.95 a month and includes 30 free pages each month. It's available through a downloadable applet.
  2. Electronics for Imaging's PrintMe solution takes a slightly different approach. It works with any internet-enabled mobile device. Users visit and upload the file they wish to print. PrintMe has a network of compatible printers around the world. The website helps point out the closest printer location, many of which are hotels. The drawback is that there can be some limitations on printer availability. Still, these methods give entrepreneurs another option besides carrying a portable printer or tracking down an office center.
  3. Let your customers print to your office or shop. Put a public IP on your Xerox printer and let them print to you if they are on your network.

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