Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NGT gets new Prez/CEO

An article in IP Business magazine about NGT is how I started that last post. NGT is bringing in an outsider to run the company now. John Macario, a consultant that had NGT as a client, said, "A founder can take a company so far, and when you reach a plateau of one kind or another, a different set of skills are required."

That is also true of building your company. Surround yourself with bright and energetic people, and outsource what you can to keep your focus on your strengths. For instance, I outsource all bookkeeping and payroll. It just isn't worth one hour of my time to do it. I need to spend that hour learning or engaging clients/prospects/media. But it's your choice. You can continue to be heads-down working in your business, or you can take the steps you know work, make some chances, and move forward. Or not. Your choice.

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