Thursday, November 09, 2006

ISP-CEO Exchange

Notes from the ISP-CEO Exchange (to be renamed JohnCon):
  1. Focus.
  2. Don't get Distracted!
  3. Happy Employees give great service.
  4. ISP = Indispensible Solver of Problems
  5. Concentrate on what your Customers want and need. (Ask them!)
  6. If you want to stop selling $50 and start selling $500 accounts, it takes a huge shift in how you do business, market and sell.
  7. It is difficult to be successful being everything to everyone. Focus on what you can do best - and become the best at it.
  8. Positioning - in the marketplace you can only hold one position - and it should be clear and concise. (You can't use the same brand to sell $39 Resi and $499 Biz service).
  9. Low end services can not fund a sales force.
  10. Key Trend: Software and Apps; Web 2.0, SAAS
  11. Security is an emerging market
  12. Bandwidth usage is exploding. Video usage scares many network providers.
  13. The biggest opportunity is in SMB IT services.
  14. Get some Google money:
  15. Utility and grid computing - Amazon S3, Clversafe.

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