Sunday, November 12, 2006

Isen posts 9 Censored stories

  1. Network Neutrality
  2. Halliburton sold key nuclear reactor components to Iran.
  3. The world's oceans are in extreme danger.
  4. Poverty is increasing in the US despite "improved economy."
  5. Six to seven million dead in Congo as US companies seek control of natural resources: diamonds; tin; copper; gold; cobalt, an element essential to nuclear, chemical, aerospace and defense industries; and, more significantly, coltan and niobum, two minerals necessary for production of cell phones and other high-tech electronics.
  6. Whistleblower rights virtually eliminated for US Government employees.
  7. US Troops still torturing detainees.
  8. Pentagon exempt from FOIA; operational files "fully immune."
  9. World Bank funds Palestine isolation wall.10. Iraq troop drawdown accompanied by increased aerial bombing.

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