Thursday, November 30, 2006

FCC Holds Secret Meeting with Investors

You wouldn't think that this kind of crap goes on today, but maybe the paparazzi needs to start following around gov't employees. The FCC held a closed door, private meeting with big investor clients of Bank of America. The bank and the FCC has no comment.
The list of speakers scheduled to appear included the acting bureau chief of the Wireless Bureau, Catherine Seidel; the chief of the Wireline Bureau, Thomas Navin; and chief of the Media Bureau, Donna Gregg. Also promised was an appearance by Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, plus aides to commissioners Michael Copps, Robert McDowell and Deborah Taylor Tate.

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Peter Radizeski said...

I'm surprised CompTel, FISPA, or any CLEC has not sent a complaint to the GAO. recounts the story here.