Tuesday, October 10, 2006

XO Changing Biz Units ... again

"In order to drive greater agility in the execution of its growth strategy, XO Communications Inc. announced Monday the formation of two new business units, XO Business Services and XO Carrier Services." They can fiddle with their corporate structure all they want - it doesn't change the fact that the company has no strategic focus (in fact, the shuffling proves that). At the end of the day, XO has to sell services, deliver said services, and keep customers happy -- so far, their sales force has been great at getting ink on paper any way they can. But then their failure to deliver results in dissatisfied customers / prospects. Best scenario for XO is to sell the network to L3 or BW. In related news, Nextlink unvieled a Reseller Program for its Fixed Wireless Offering at CompTel. The program allows a reseller to market, bill, and sell Fixed Wireless from Nextlink. At $1000 for 10MB, resellers will find it difficult to sell since fiber typically costs that or less.

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