Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scott Cleland is full of it

Scott Leland is the voice of NETCompetition.org. Talk about corrupted by the dark side. On his blog, he writes: "I am pleased to welcome Verizon's new PoliBlog to the blogosphere, they will add another sound and reasoned voice to the debate for free markets and regulatory humility. Verizon is a Netcompetition.org eforum member and funder." Regulatory Humility?? Verizon got a walk-over on a forbearance issue - how much more humble could the FCC get? Scott writes that there is "Exploding spectrum availability". That would be news to anyone, since the only spectrum available recently is that bit bought up by T-Mobile for $4B! The ILEC's have licensed spectrum - the 2.x GHz licenses that Sprint, BellSouth and MCI own - but have been sitting on it since 2001.

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