Monday, October 23, 2006

BellSouth FastAccess DSL out for 12 hours

Last Friday, BellSouth's FastAccess DSL service was down for 12 hours. Fortunately, FastAccess is on a different network than the BBG architecture that the Indie ISP's use. Funny isn't it, that the BellSouth ISP uses a different network to offer DSL than its other wholesale clients??

In other BST news, BellSouth and Wavelength Sign Teaming Agreement to Deploy Wi-Fi Hotspot Service to Master Planned Housing Communities. In addition, Telephony mag prints the press release, "BellSouth Community Technologies, a unit that deals with planned communities and multi-dwelling units, has partnered with Resident Interactive to jointly market a community portal that developers can offer to their residents. The partnership is a response to demand from developers looking to create amenities such as community portals to differentiate their properties in a tougher housing market, said John Stuhrenberg, vice president of product and operations for BellSouth Community Technologies." "“That was why we founded BellSouth Community Technologies, Stuhrenberg said. “This is a very competitive market, and we are looking for ways to differentiate what we offer.”

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