Friday, September 22, 2006

TWTC Numbers Make No Sense

Here are the TWTC numbers "posted four days after revealing plans to acquire Xspedius for $531.5 million in cash and stock."

  • Revenue rose by $16.5 million to $191.3 million, thanks to a boost in enterprise sales.
  • Number of buildings connected by fiber increased 17 % to more than 6,400 structures while its base of customers grew by 14 % over the period a year ago.
  • However, Net loss grew from $27.2M to $40.4 million
  • TWTC attributed the larger loss to "debt extinguishment costs" related to financing.

Meanwhile, the street rumor is that Time Warner will be selling off its stake in TWTC. Also, TWTC's access to the TW Cable network is still under negotiations.

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