Friday, September 08, 2006

Think about Your Business

  • You should be asking if the ISP has a sales team. If not, who sells your product?
  • Does the ISP have a splash page? If not, how do you get word out about new offerings?
  • You have to make it stupid easy for both the user and the VAR.
  • Video instruction.
  • Maybe a video of someone using the product.
  • Give your VAR a target audience as well as the Unique Value Proposition.
  • I have found that brochures and collateral are more for management.
  • Print your brochure on a tee-shirt.
  • Are you making it easy for your clients to sell your story?
  • What kind of Customers do you want?
  • Do you really want to Change (or do you just want to keep doing it the same way but look like you changed)?

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