Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More 8x8 and SunRocket - the VPF

SunRocket joined the VPF. "The VPF ENUM Registry has more than 18 million phone numbers enlisted by major carriers and enterprises worldwide to map telephone numbers to SIP or H.323 addresses." Packet8's 8x8 Announces Packet8 Softalk 1.5 With H.264 Video Codec; 8x8 Launches Packet8 Softalk Office Business-Class PBX Softphone; and 8x8 Announces T.38 Fax-Over-IP Service. "Packet8’s fax service can be provisioned on the second line of any Packet8 Virtual Office BPA-410 business phone adapter with no additional hardware requirements." Getting T.38 to work is quite big, but considering that Packet8 has had $28M in funding to basically be a patent shop, this should have been announced a while back.

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