Thursday, September 07, 2006

Broadband Bundles

Still think that the Residential Broadband play has legs?

"A new report from Telephia suggests that as of mid-2006, over 31 million online households in the US were buying two or more services from one provider. This equates to nearly 43% of online households. The Internet/TV combination is the most popular bundle at the moment, according to Telephia, with approximately 13 million households taking that double play, compared with 10 million households taking the double play of Internet/phone. Triple-play households only numbered five million and the quad play, which includes mobile phone service, is still a rarity. Research firm IDC forecasts 84 million bundled communications subscribers in the US in 2010, which will likely be nearly every broadband household in the country at that time."

43% of households are locked in a contract. Bundles appear cheaper to consumers - adding even more price pressure to the smaller competitor. You need to be offering more than connectivity. What's YOUR Purple Cow?

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