Thursday, August 03, 2006

XO Makes another announcement

XO announces a 100-GB inter-city network and says move over Level(3)! It tried SIP origination and termination and Multi-Market PRIs. Those kind of failed. Joined the VPF - and told customers you didn't need the VPF - you just need XO. It is having some luck with its 5000 XOptions Flex customers. Now it wants to go up against Broadwing, Level3 and Global Crossing. Now I can see that XO has a bigger name than Broadwing (when you are in and out of financial trouble your name does get around). But beating GX and L3 who have a substantially better record on provisioning - and actually managing a nationwide backbone - might be a tall order. Why can't the managment figure out what it is they do over there??

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