Wednesday, August 23, 2006

VZ Adds new fees to DSL

(The Onion via DSL Prime) August 21, 2006 NEW YORK Verizon Communications, Inc. announced a new service package for its wireless and residential customers that would charge them widely varying, but always high, fees every month depending how the communications giant feels at the time. "Our Charge-At-Whim packages offer the same mediocre quality and insufferable level of customer service you’ve come to expect," a Verizon spokesman said Tuesday. "But it adds an unjustified, arbitrary and, if you’ll allow us to boast, frankly unjustifiable method of determining just how much you’ll pay for them." Packages start at "oh, $69.99 a month, let’s say?" and went into effect about three or four months ago. (via DSLR)


Peter Radizeski said...
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Peter Radizeski said...

TechDirt and
VOIP Watch are buzzing about the VZ fees as well as the BST fees being added on to DSL.

Peter Radizeski said...

CNN had an interview with Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America about Bellsouth keeping the recovery fees on DSL. (thanks gabe)