Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tropos new gear

Telephony mag writes about the new Tropos gear. It should help EarthLink's muni deployment. "Tropos Networks has upgraded its WLAN mesh networking gear to handle 5 GHz router-to-router connections. The move brings Tropos on par with some of its competitors’ multi-band mesh equipment, but Tropos is claiming its technology goes one step further, allowing the network to dynamically switch between frequencies to maintain the highest capacity signal. ...Instead of designating specific radios for the backhaul and mesh, the Tropos 5320 outdoor MetroMesh router’s new operating system can dynamically switch between the two, using the high-capacity 5 GHz band when conditions are optimal, but shifting down to the 2.4 GHz radio when interference issues emerge. Furthermore the same OS upgrades can be used to add more bands and air interface options in the future, including WiMAX and possibly 3G."

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