Monday, July 24, 2006

Skype User Experience

This is a great post about some problems with Skype specifically. But the lesson is: what is Your customer's experience with your service like? The more the user experience improves, the less important price becomes. ELN is playing with Social Media Web 2.0 by adding Earthlink WebLife, a new photo and media sharing service with 1GB of storage for its users. ELN also introduced RSS/Social Bookmarking. You have to keep innovating to keep clients in today's hyper-competitive market. You can't be the cheapest, so be the best - or al least be so very different. As I have preached ad nauseum, if you are an ISP serving mainly the Residential market, your niche is to become the technology expert. Tupperware parties, seminars, videos, and blogs explaining what the technology and gadgets are, how they work, how to use them. That is where the pay off is.

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