Monday, July 31, 2006

Monetizing the network

The biggest hurdle to Muni Free Wi-Fi is "How do you pay for it?" or " How do you Monetize the network". There are of course a few ways: Adzilla, Paxfire and the like for ad revenue. Create a Portal site with affiliate links and ads - and force every free user to the portal first. (You will need a Mobile version). Premium services like VPN or security features. Tech Support - free means paid tech support (like NetZero). I also believe that there is an opportunity for a synergy play on the ad side. Local newspapers are seeing declining readership; many communities have free newspapers & magazines. Both have a sales force to sell ads. Piggy back or Partner. [The other problem is how do you get computers into the hands of those who do not have them? I have half a plan for that as well.]

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