Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carrier of Last Resort

Exclusive access to the pipes works great if you are the ILEC like big, bad BellSouth. But you happened to be a PCO and get an exclusive MDU contract, BellSouth wants you to be the ILEC. Go figure! When the revolution happens, Duane; you, Ivan and Ed better get on your private jets and hide.
Atlanta Journal (AJC) sums it up here: COMPETITION SNARLS SAFETY NET Traditionally, phone companies such as BellSouth have had to provide service to whoever wants it. Now, that "carrier-of-last-resort" standard is up for debate as the market changes. . What BellSouth is doing: Cautioning developers that if they sign deals with other companies, it might not provide service if a resident still wants a BellSouth line. The company argues it would be too costly to serve a small number of customers and that the principal provider should carry the burden. . How BellSouth is making its case: Supported a law enacted this year in Florida that changed carrier-of-last-resort requirements; sent letters to some developers in Georgia and Florida. . Why it matters: The majority of new development in the Southeast is in apartments, condos and housing developments. These locations are the most likely to weigh deals from different providers. The issue is likely to become a hot topic nationwide in the years ahead. Source: Staff research

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