Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cablevision VoIP at 1M

IP PULSE is reporting that "Cablevision Systems has reported surpassing one million VoIP based VoCable subscribers - all from the metro New York City area." At 1M users all from the NYC and Long Island market - someone is losing lines like crazy. Chances are with all the litigation surrounding Vonage that some of those subs are from Vonage - and some are from VZ. At $20 per line per month, VZ is losing at least $240M per year in one market. Top this off with many VoIP Players going to Free Calling - and the RBOCs are being punched in the revenue. In addition, at least in the Tampa market, VZ FiOS has to drop its pants to get people to switch from cable or DBS. And each house takes most of a day to install - and up to 8 people to do it... and someone is usually back a couple times over the month to tweak. My next door neighbor gave up on FiOS after 45 days... back to BH/TWC. That's profitable.

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