Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogging for Revenue

One more story: There is a florist who loves flowers and plants. Passion for the business. Can't figure out how to get business. Joins FTD. Joins Tele-Florist. Gets a fancy phone number. Gets a website with e-commerce. Buys the YP ad. Advertises in the local magazines. Not much results. Starts going to garden clubs. Puts on classes in flower arranging and how to plant bulbs. Acquires a mailing list and starts a newsletter. Gets some content for fillers from the web but writes one or two passionate pieces about flowers and plants every month. Gets a good response. Starts a blog. Daily notes about the flowers in bloom - the smell of the them; the look of them. Mentions a special and notices that she gets traffic. Now she has weekly specials only in her blog. (They get passed around). She stays in front of her audience. She shares her passion. She is making her living.

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