Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two Men Arrested for Hacking Into VoIP Networks Including Net2Phone

Federal authorities have arrested Edwin Pena and Robert Moore for hacking into as many as 15 VoIP networks including Net2Phone to fraudently route its own customers' calls. The duo then billed Net2Phone for more than 500,000 unauthorized calls that were sold at approximately four tenths of a cent per minute. Pena collected more than a $1 million in connection fees, which he used to live large in Miama. Pena and Moore obtained the prefixes or proprietary codes established by the service providers to accept calls for routing. Using the brute force method, the team flooded providers with test calls, each carrying a different prefix, until a match was established. To disguise the operation, Pena hacked into the network of a Rye Brook, NY-based hedge fund to have the calls originate from a router there. Pena and Moore started offering wholesale VoIP services in November 2004. More on VOIP Security

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