Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Net Neutrality Groups

The Net Neutrality scuffle has united many disparate groups: the Christian Coalition, National Religious Broadcasters and Gun Owners of America as well as liberal Web-based entities such as MoveOn.Org and recording artists REM, the Indigo Girls and Moby; Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!; Amazon and eBay. Of course, cable and telco are the opposition. Telco again with their rally cry: Give us what we want or we stop building out the network we promised you in 1999! It gets so tiring. Why doesn't someone in DC just give VZ or at&t a swift kick in the ass?? Wait. Is that Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) saying: "Unfortunately, if Congress does not act, the age of digital democracy will come to an end," she said. "Innovators with great ideas, but without deep pockets, will be relegated to the Internet's 'dirt road." Snowe is a sponsor of net neutrality legislation because Congress must provide nondiscrimination safeguards in the wake of Supreme Court and FCC rulings that effectively deregulated broadband services.

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