Friday, June 02, 2006

Marty on Marketing

Marty of Atlantic.Net on Niche Marketing: "You can't attack a giant on all fronts, you need to focus your attack and shoot for a segment of their customers, not all of them." Here he riffs Tom Peters on GM: "What is a Chevy? It's a big, small, fast, luxury, not-luxury, car. Thats why GM sucks. No one knows what their brands stand for, except Cadillac. "That golf club is the cadillac of clubs...", etc etc. Thats why CADILLAC makes money, and why GM is having a hard time with all there confused brands. What do you stand for?" Good point, but then he raises a better one: "Better, who are NOT your customers? Who do you NOT want to spend money with you. If you can answer that, than you need to rethink if your differentiating at all, or you will keep running in place."

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