Friday, June 02, 2006

ITIF Adds Alternative to Net 'Tiers'

The proposal from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) "would allow broadband providers to offer exclusive, high-speed services to customers of their choosing, but it would also guarantee a level of broadband service that all Web companies and customers could access without paying new fees." This plan doesn't sound any different from the RBOC plan. I could not find any evidence that ITIF is Astro-turf either. "Both sides in the current net neutrality debate in Congress ignore important points," Bob Atkinson , President of ITIF said. "Those calling for a net neutrality law--including online services companies Yahoo and Google--fail to recognize that broadband providers need new business plans to build out next-generation networks, he said. Net neutrality laws could also limit providers' ability to manage their networks, he added." This is what ISEN said at ISPCON. The telcos have counted on voice and being the only road for so long that they need to change the Internet to fit into their business model, instead of changing their business model to fit in with the Internet.

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