Friday, June 23, 2006

AOL Cancellations

Brand Autopsy reports on AOL: "It’s interesting to note that last year AOL received over 3.0 million subscriber cancellation requests and in the first three months of 2006, AOL lost another 835,000 subscribers. Which leads me to believe one out of every three calls to AOL Customer Service must involve a cancellation request. (Ouch.) So yeah , AOL Customer Service Reps must be tired of answering cancellation calls. But … that doesn’t mean they should do their best Gerry Spence impersonation and make a case to dissuade a customer from cancelling. It’s also interesting to note that at its peak, AOL had 35 million subscribers … but today, has around 18.6 million subscribers. (Double Ouch.)" Listen to one guy TRY to cancel his AOL account here.

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