Tuesday, June 20, 2006

America’s Antiterrorist Network

Tom Evslin's take on Andy Kessler's suggestion that we use eminent domain to seize the poorly run assets of the monopolists talks about re-naming the Net neutrality fight. If we called it building America’s Antiterrorist Network instead, we might be able to get FEMA and Homeland Security Funds. Instead of FEMA wasting the money or using it to help BST rebuild a network that will be wiped out again in the next hurricane, we should use the FEMA money to build a Mesh Wi-Fi network that is based on the resilience of Kazaa. "Brilliant Professor Yochai Benkler of Yale, who was at the USVSessions2 event, has postulated a survivable network of not just access but also storage and computing power. Look how well distributed search and storage networks like Napster and Kazaa survive attempts by powerful private entities and governments to shut them down, he says."

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