Monday, May 08, 2006

More Crock-and-Bull from VZ on Neutrality

VZ has directed its lobbyists to start stirring th efinancial sector to pressure Congress for No Net Neutrality clause. ""They are being fed a lot of cock-and-bull, Chicken Little stories about how the future of their industry is at stake because another network industry might have the freedom to price broadband services according to market demand," Verizon's chief congressional lobbyist Peter Davidson said in the memo....He warned that the financial services industry "better not start moaning in the future about a lack of sophisticated data links they need" if Net neutrality laws were passed because the communications industry may not invest in new networks." If anyone is telling tales, it is Verizon. Why haven't people woken up to the fact that the whole spin machine of the Bells is full of lies??? Today Infoworld says Verizon's Tom Tauke warned new laws could "stop broadband network operators from offering VPNs (virtual private networks) to online gaming vendors looking to improve connectivity or hospitals launching home health-monitoring services over IP." Wall Street wakes to Net Neutrality. Good opportunity for a 3rd wire. If only we had a 3rd wire (or a gov't with a conscience that wasn't selling us out).

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