Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CommPartners - Doing Well?

If you look at the press releases coming from CommPartners, they look like they are doing well: licensed CLEC with inter-connection agreements approved in 27 states, CALEA compliant (how when no one knows what compliance means?), acquired Anexeon Communications, and announces deals or certification on Linksys, YAK, and Opex. Meanwhile, its Moratorium on U.S. Sales of Wholesale Residential VoIP Services has stifled some of its resellers. (Granted this was a result of FCC E-911 orders). To top it off, performance issues are being reporting by Resellers, including network outages, DID problems, LNP issues, long install periods, etc. Didn't they just implement OSS? Maybe growth is destroying it. That happens.

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