Friday, May 19, 2006

Cableco Wireless Play in VZ's Backyard

Andy Abramson talks about Cablevision & Comcast messing with VZ on voice revenues. Then add the wireless play in the mix - and you might have this: "This also plays more out more trecherously as WiMax, something everyone from Qualcomm to the telcos are getting nervous about, starts to be deployed by the cable MSOs as a way to get out farther than their physical plant permits. Comcast has some very smart people working on their wireless and Fixed Mobile convergence play, especially in former AOL Voice Services rollout star Jim Tobin who joined them last September. Watch as they and others like Covad start to mash up services, access, content and applications over IP that works as well from the air as on the ground...... Sure AT&T is playing with WiMax too, but Craig McCaw with Clearwire and others like Comast are moving faster and will likely have the edge." [A bigger play would be for the MSOs to create a company that would bid on Vonafone... that would hurt VZ in a number of ways].

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