Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BellSouth Denials

Let's look at the denials from BST:

"BellSouth said in a statement that it doesn't contract with the National Security Agency to supply customer calling information."

Of course there wasn't a CONTRACT; that would be evidence.

"As a result of media reports that BellSouth provided massive amounts of customer calling information under a contract with the NSA," it said Monday, "the company conducted an internal review to determine the facts. Based on our review to date, we have confirmed no such contract exists and we have not provided bulk customer calling records to the NSA."

We covered the contract already. Did they provide bulk customer info? Who knows? More likely they let the NSA tap their systems and the NSA grabbed what it wanted. In the report from the AT&T tech (Mark Klein), they connected NSA gear to AT&T's switching equipment. So who knows what was snagged. And this wasn't done for free. There was quid pro quo - like the FCC propping up the PSTN and throwing roadblocks up on the VoIP parkway while taking down barriers on the ILEC road (forbearance)...... What about all the call records that were obtained over the internet? Shouldn't that result in some penalties??

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