Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bank Web Sites from the User's Perspective

"A new report by Change Sciences Group looks at bank web sites through the eyes of their users. The best sites are making the process of finding and applying for the right account as easy as buying a book on Amazon. With recent innovations in identity verification, a handful of sites have pulled ahead, letting people apply for an account without setting foot in a branch. Sites that are easy to use and require little effort to get basic tasks done score best." This is the essence of all the best websites. So many have too much clutter; too much junk; too much flash; drone on and on. "The three best bank web sites overall are: Washington Mutual, Citibank, & Fifth Third Bank". Take a look at them and see how you can incorporate some consumer ease of use into YOUR site. Start by thinking about what you want accomplished by the website.
  • Is a brochure?
  • Do you want the visitor to contact you or get information?
  • Do you want to intrigue the visitor?
  • Do you have a call to action?
  • Can the visitors find your services quick and easy?
  • Can they sign-up online?
  • Do you store your radio, TV and web ads online? (get viral, baby!)

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