Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tallahasse Mirrors DC

In the State Capitol of Florida, Tallahassee, the same battle is waging between cable and phone companies over cable franchise issues. It isn't everyday that state politicians get to suck the gravy off two plates. Of course, the phone companies want a state franchise to lower those cable prices with their IPTV fiber plays. But we all know that it will only help the affluent neighborhoods. Phone companies like VZ haven't even turned up DSL in some neighborhoods, but have spent dearly to screw up the roads and lawns of many subdivisions while dropping in fiber. No one has answered if the phone giants even have legal access to the right-of-way for unregulated services. Yes, they have right of way for phone service. That is their charter. But where does it say they get easement and right-of-way for IPTV and High-speed internet???

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