Thursday, April 13, 2006

FCC Issues

How can the FCC screw us? Let's count the ways:
  1. A la Carte Cable Channels - or let's raise the rates.
  2. Virtual NXX - VoIP Pricing will be going up.
  3. Media Ownership ("Aside from raising the cap on the number of stations a media company can own in a local market, Martin wants to lift the ban that prohibits most conglomerates from owning both newspapers and television stations in the same market.").
  4. "Then there are the gritty telecom issues: shoring up the Universal Services Fund, which pays for rural telephone access by taxing phone service in low-cost regions..."
  5. "Sorting out the mess of intercarrier compensation. The latter is the needlessly complex system carriers use to repay each other for calls or data transmissions originating or ending on each another's networks."

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