Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Big Moo

The Big Moo is a collaboration of authors decribing the Purple Cow. Proceeds go to charity. You can read some chapters for FREE here. You can buy the whole book of ideas for just $12.97 here. BTW, the Purple Cow is a Remarkable idea - a unique spin that you put on your commodity product or service. Seth Godin described the Purple Cow in his book of the same name. Read a bonus chapter here. Buy a full copy here - used is under $5! Great ideas to get your creativity flowing so you can stop selling a commodity based on price and start offering your clients something REMARKABLE. Want a Purple Idea? Do you have a big Residential base? Use the Tupperware party model to teach your clients about new technology like the iPod, digital cameras, wireless, blogging, website design, child protection on MySpace, etc. (All the while selling service).

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