Thursday, March 02, 2006


Why do the Tele-Barons keep landing the Enterprise VPN sales? A couple of reasons:
  1. The Perception Problem: Is the Customer comfortable with the idea that your smaller company can deliver all the services you offer in a similar manner as a Tele-Baron? In other words, is your catalog so big, that you are not perceived as an expert at any one service. This relegates you to selling on price sometimes.
  2. The Sales Problem: The Key is to NOT talk about the technology, but to talk about How the Solution You Offer Makes Their Lives easier and productive and in many cases compliant. Time does equal Money. Tell a Story without the acronymns about how you can take a way the pain of running/managing the network and get back to running the business.
  3. The Sales Problem # 2: Do you have anyone spreading the word about your business? There was a good article about Guerilla Marketing to beat the Gorilla in BB Properties. You can't out-spend them (or follow their marketing strategy); you have to out-smart them instead. (That's where a Marketing Idea Guy like me comes in! ;)

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