Thursday, March 02, 2006


(PRNewswire) "BellSouth today announced that health care organizations are relying on the provider's flexible, managed VPN service to route medical records and imaging files between multiple patient service locations. This service provides the high bandwidth needed to move large files and permits customers to mix different access speeds and types on the same meshed network infrastructure."

  • Multi-location is difficult for local ISPs, but it can be done. These types of customers can not use DSL effectively. Large file uploads require more bandwidth than best-effort DSL. Wireless, frame, P2P, MetroE.
  • When you have an opportunity to propose a network like this, you need to really reach outside the box and get creative.
  • VPN and MPLS are all the rage, but what does that mean to the customer??
  • Secure, reliable, connection, worry-free, simple bill, one-single-contact, no toll-free number, Bob-here-will-take-good-care-of-you, just-like-we-did-for-Jim --- these are the things that make the customer buy from you.

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