Thursday, March 02, 2006

ELN Rolls Out Treo on Cellular

  • EarthLink Wireless is an MVNO that runs on 2 major CDMA networks - the primary one being Sprint. (This means that ELNW or Helio or ELN-SK is just a Marketing firm.
  • "* EarthLink Wireless network services are provided on the Sprint® Nationwide PCS Network. Where Sprint coverage is not available, your phone will roam on another nationwide CDMA network, FREE. Under EarthLink's arrangement with Sprint, EarthLink customers have access to service anywhere on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, reaching more than 250 million people. Although Sprint provides EarthLink Wireless subscribers access to its wireless network and its wireless services, EarthLink Wireless is responsible to the EarthLink Wireless subscribers for the service. Please call EarthLink Wireless with any questions or comments regarding this service."
  • Funny that they mention this: "EarthLink is one of the few companies that still operate all of their sales and customer support call centers in the USA!"
  • Blackberry 7250 for $49 and the Treo 650 for $69 beats the SprintPCS deal that I can offer (Palm Treo 650 for $99.95).

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